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Industrial Furniture

Industrial furniture is our specialty for a number of environments from Universities to Biotech to Semiconductor to Electronics Manufacturers.

We build ergonomic solutions that combine safety with the industrial-grade reliability your organization has come to expect from a manufacturer dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our industrial furniture has been tested in companies requiring precision performance and in some of the harshest environments in the world.

SteelSentry products continue to outperform all other industrial furniture lines and our clients are happy to speak about their experiences. We offer a number of accessories for the storage of supplies, monitors, CPUs, shelves, powerstrips and printers. If your organization has purchased industrial furniture in the past, then you know the importance of having a manufacturer that considers the comfort and ergonomics of their products before cutting a single piece of steel. SteelSentry engineers review every single design our team generates and evaluates its true usability from a comfort perspective.

Client Satisfaction is our #1 Priority. Would you like to speak with our clients about their experience with SteelSentry and our products? Just let us know with the Quote Form on the right.

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