SteelSentry Laboratory Furniture is available with chemical resistant surfaces and powder coat.

Lifetime Warranty on all Frames – Call now to speak with our design professionals.


COVID-19 Tables

  • Stainless Surface
  • Shipping Now to Labs/Hospitals


COVID-19 Screening Station

  • Mobile Screening
  • Overflow Patient Intake


Lab Workstation

  • All-purpose lab table
  • Available in ANY size


Lab Island

  • Collaborative design
  • Maximize storage


Microscope Table

  • Ergonomic surface cutout
  • Anti-vibration/Leveling casters


Epoxy Lab Table

  • Chemical resistant surfaces
  • #1 Customer lab table


Leveling Workstation

  • Built to ANY size
  • High-capacity, leveling casters


Vibration Control Lab Table

  • Vibration damping
  • Perfect for lab equipment


Lab Sink Station

  • DI faucet options
  • Chemical resistant sinks


Lab Eyewash Sink Station

  • ANSI compliant
  • Deck or faucet mount


Lab Gas Valve Table

  • Variety of ball valves
  • Air, vacuum and gas valves


Lab Cart

  • Safe transport within lab
  • Shelves or locking storage


Clean Room Furniture

  • Built to your lab specs
  • All stainless solutions

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