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You Design It, Draw It or Think it – We Build It!

SteelSentry will assist with all areas of new laboratory construction. From the initial lab design to the manufacture of the specific lab furniture and the installation. We work with architecture firms, general contractors, Government Contractors and Lab Managers in all areas of lab planning, engineering, manufacture and installation.

SteelSentry is equipped with cutting edge CAD equipment and professional design consultants. Many of whom have been in the lab design business for over 15 years.

We will build to specification any size order from start to finish and you can work directly with our engineers at any time on your final design or layout. SteelSentry is a trusted provider of custom furniture and facility construction to the Fortune 100 and the US Government.

Once your design and planning stage is finished, SteelSentry will begin manufacture of your lab furniture, lab cabinets, laboratory fixtures, laboratory casework, laboratory countertops and modular furniture. SteelSentry provides the most cost-effective solutions for new and existing renovation, laboratory design & construction projects.

Our reliability is continually tested and proven to exceed expectations. We design every in-house process to exceed the needs of the biotech, industrial, healthcare and pharmaceutical environments.

Let SteelSentry assist you with your next laboratory project:

  • Wet Labs/Dry Labs
  • Mobile Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Mobile Casework
  • Generic Research Labs
  • Science Parks
  • Green/Sustainable Labs

If you would like to speak with the Clients that have entrusted their industrial furniture needs to SteelSentry, just let us know by using the form to the right or give us a call (866) 683-7999.

Nobody in the business protects your purchasing decision better than SteelSentry!

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